Fragrance Candle Stack - Rose Red

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Introducing our enchanting “Rose Red” candle fragrance, a symphony of colours and scents that will transport you to a serene garden blooming with the finest roses. This striking CANDL STACK harmoniously blends the vibrant hues of passionate red and the gentle, romantic tones of blush pink, crafting a visual masterpiece that mirrors the interplay between a blooming rose garden at dusk and the setting sun.

The scent of “Rose Red” is a captivating symphony of woody florals, where the tender sweetness of rosewood and Damask Rose intertwines with the timeless elegance of sandalwood, brightened by an invigorating hint of geranium, and subtly accented by Ho Wood Oil and Petitgrain, creating a fragrance that embodies both luxurious tranquility and vibrant freshness. The floral notes of velvety rose petals infuse the air with an unmistakable elegance, invoking memories of cherished moments and heartfelt emotions.

Sandalwood (Woody floral, Elegant & Soothing)

Rosewood (Sweet, Intimate) Damask Rose (Floral, Sophisticated)

Geranium (Fresh, Vibrantly floral) kg

Ho Wood Oil (Subtle) Petitgrain (Bright, Fresh) 

15 cm when stacked

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