Fragrance Candle Stack - Blue Note

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Embark on a captivating sensory journey with our “Blue Note, Spicy Relaxation” scented CANDL STACK, where the very essence of jazz’s evocative “blue note” finds its aromatic counterpart. Just as skilled jazz musicians infuse their melodies with deep emotions using these dis- tinctive notes, this meticulously crafted candle captures the harmonious essence of grounded serenity and expressive allure.

Bask in the gentle, soothing blue hue of the candle’s glow, mirroring the tranquility of azure shades, serene oceans, and boundless skies. With a masterful blend of natural fragrance oils, including the embracing woody notes of cedar, the enigmatic allure of spikenard, and the sweet-spicy melody of Manuka, this CANDL STACK transcends the ordinary, guiding you towards a realm of profound relaxation and inner tranquility. In every flicker, it paints an aromatic canvas that echoes the emotional, melan- cholic beauty found in jazz’s “blue notes”, offering a sensory journey that speaks to the soul.

Sandal wood ( woody floral) Ylang Ylang (floral)

Rose wood ( sweet, woody floral)

TOP NOTE Geranium (fresh)

15 cm when stacked

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