Fragrance Candle Stack - Forest Green

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Forest Green Canadian Pine

Unveil the beguiling world of the great Canadian forests with our captiva- ting candle fragrance, “Forest Green Canadian Pine”. This meticulously crafted natural aromatic blend invites you on a sensory journey through the heart of lush evergreen landscapes, capturing the essence of nature’s finest offerings.

The scent of “Forest Green Canadian Pine” is an enchanting harmony of woody depth, invigorating freshness, and delicate sweetness, encapsu- lating the serene essence of a lush pine forest in every fragrant note. Let the rich green hue of this CANDL STACK evoke images of towering pine trees and allow the intricate blend of aromas transport you to the heart of the serene and invigorating Canadian wilderness.

Canadian Balsam Fir (Warm & Rich) Black Pine (Woody, Profound)

Cypress (Herbaceous & Woody) CAjeput 5fruity & Delicate)

Juniper (Crisp, Fresh & Smokey) Ravintsara 5peppery & Earthy)

15 cm when stacked

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